Merlot BIO IGP pays d'oc



Merlot BIO IGP pays d'oc

Description :

The grapes making up this cuvée are the result of a very thorough selection in the vineyard, both in terms of yields and maturity. The ripeness of the grapes determines the future of the wine. The vinification is deliberately traditional, with a partially destemmed harvest and a 3-week vatting period.

Dégustation :

The colour is garnet red, and the nose has aromas of ripe fruit (blackberry, blackcurrant), combined with spicy notes (white pepper).

It is on the palate that the maturity of the grapes is appreciated: the tannins, although always present, are forgotten and remain very silky. Their discretion in no way alters the wine's potential for ageing and guarantees a harmonious evolution.

Accords mets vin :

The power and sweetness of this wine are a perfect match for pan-fried beef with tapenade, or slightly spicier dishes such as beans with bacon and red peppers.

Millésime : 2020
Degré d'alcool : 13.5 o
Conditionnement : Bottle - 75 cl
Cépage : Merlot 100%
Température de service : 16-18°C